I have quite an ecclectic taste when it comes to music; I like to play whatever suits my current mood. However, if you were to tie me down to a particular era or genre I would always, always choose 1970’s soul.

If I were to choose a favourite artist of all time, I would pick the amazing Luther Vandross.

Who do you have on you MP3 player? What songs hold memories for you or just make you smile?

  1. I was a hippy kid so all those songs from the 60’s and 70’s stay with me. “Chinacat Sunflower” by the Grateful Dead always makes me tap a toe. Nowadays, given the wonders of the webster, I like to hunt out music from around the world and get into that. Currently digging African stuff and Latin American with a little India thrown in for good measure. Music communicates – you don’t have to understand the language all the time.

  2. Cheryl says:

    For a specific era it would have to be early 90s Britpop for me. I’d struggle to be pinned down to a favourite artist though…

    • Brit Pop – interesting choice, good era! For me, the 90’s were all about New Jack Swing, Hip-Hop and R&B-Soul:

      I miss the talented artists who put more into their vocals than finding the skimpiest of outfits for clothes.

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