Food & Drink

Favourite foods has always been difficult for me to answer, as it really depends in the day and ultimately my current mood.

However, if I was to sum it up in one simple answer, I’d say all the great things my mum and gran made:

Bajan Conkies

What are the foods or drinks that remind you of home?  What are the gastronomic delights you always recall?

  1. Another favourite (to prepare) would have to be Ackee & Salt-Fish. A dish that is synonymous with West Indian cuisine and a dish that is utter simplicity in itself to prepare.

    As can be attested to by the fact I was able to enlist the aid of my nine-year old god-daughter in rustling up a batch, as you can read here.

  2. When we were young my brothers and I always played for our local football teams on a Saturday afternoon. Saturday lunch was always sausages, tinned tomatoes and bread and butter………..just loved it.

    • There’s something about the food prepared for you by your mum; It seems to make the memory that little bit more special. No-one can ever better what she prepared (except maybe her mum 😉 ).

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