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We’re just socially interacting, innit
Not hating nor pontificating

Insinuating perhaps even implicating
Occasionally berating

But always articulating
Without aggravating or humiliating

Just relating



Oft times facilitating

Hopefully cultivating an educating and exhilarating
Illuminating and invigorating

Opportunity to debate

To generate thoughts and create a state of mind
Never blind to the fact that we

Each one of a kind
endure this


Time after time

Walking that

So cruelly defined by fate

So why wait?

Before it’s too late

Start a debate.


There is a reason why some societies restrict the flow of knowledge; make it difficult for others to share their ideas, their beliefs, their hopes, their desires.

There is a reason why literacy is one of the most precious gifts humanity can impart on its children; a gift that should, without question, be considered an essential human right.

A right that enables learning.  A right that empowers one with the ability to become more knowledgeable and to gain a precious insight.

Literacy makes it possible to understand what is, what was and what will be wrong.

It makes it possible to see, to understand and to agree upon what is fundamentally right.

Literacy can spark a debate; an exchange of ideas, a thought-provoking invitation to join in and support a moral fight.

It can educate and start a dialogue; draw attention to a past transgression – in the hope that disparate people can come together and redress a wrong and attempt to make that wrong right.

Caucasian Chalk Circle of a dilemma – where the transgressors have long since departed and the participants in the debate have no personal sins to atone for; no individual need to make anything right.

But literacy helps bring perspective to the dialogue; helps ensure  each and every one can see the other side.

So cherish the gift of literacy – as without it, there would be no Spark in the Shadows; no way to banish the darkness and no way to see our way through the night.



…it truly is as simple as that!

You often mention that I can always find the positive in any given situation, but that isn’t necessarily true.  It would be more accurate to say I find the positive in any situation that involves you.

You see, by focusing on you I just happen to see the ‘best’ because I see you.  I am only saying that because I like you?  Yes – a statement of fact that I make no apology for and of which I make no argument in denial; as true a statement then as it is now; as it ever will be.

I mean, why should I not see the best there is to see in you? Why should I not look past any faults or flaws to see all that is good, all that is precious, all that is pure – all that is you?

You see, seeing the best in you just happens to bring out the best in me; the best of intentions; the best of ideas; the best of all I am and could ever wish to be.

I am no saint; I, like anyone else, have my faults.  I have those days were I am more selfish than selfless; when I would rather keep my own company than spend time with others, when the first thought is of me and not of anyone else – and yet; when it comes to you, my first, second, third and final thought is always you, will always be you.

In the harshest of environments, life finds a way to endure.  I see this in you, through all your hardships you manage to ignite that inner light, that spark, that energy upon which my inspiration to find that positive is drawn.

You bring a smile, even though you suffer.  Your steely strength and determination I so admire, of it I am in such awe.

So I see that silver lining, I find that positive thought.

But it is you that makes it possible.  You.  Nothing less, nothing more.

Of all the questions I struggle to answer; all the queries that make me think.

I’d have to say I always labour to say “what are my most favourite things?”

I love music, books; get lost in great films – love ice-cream & cake and have a soft spot for sweet things.

However, when pushed for a choice of what I most treasure; of what above else I most deeply adore – I always find I get stuck for an answer; as I’ll chose something I love, then remember I love something a bit more.

So I’ve created this space, this page on my blog; not somewhere for me, no it’s for you to all hog. Like a friendly warm tavern, with log fires and beer. A place for discussion, with dark booths in the rear.

The sign posted outside reads “favourite Things”, so open the door here, and let the discussions begin.

Angel In A Smile

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Poems
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A very quick and simple poem for a friend…

I can’t recall how long it has been
The last time I caught a glimpse

It is the most wonderful of scenes
Something I’ve longed for ever since

The Angel that can lift my heart
Not one sent down from heaven

No the cherubim that lights the spark
Is the one that radiates from within

It forms on lips then turns to laughter
That brightens up my day

I feel it’s warmth for hours after
Effects that are never twice the same

With just a thought perhaps a whisper
a caring call to answer

From there it starts to light the flame
That fuels the raucous laughter

For those who’d like to see this sight
I do hope you’ll get your chance

For when you see that Angel in a smile
Your heart will skip and dance

And because I think we all could do
With a world filled with smiles and laughter

I’ll share the secret of the Angel in a smile
Repeat the next line faster and faster and faster

Angel in a smile…

“To my dear friend A…”

He hides from life, inside his sleep

His heart he shields, whilst strangers speak


Of torturous days, whilst still he lay

Too proud to scream, he safely dreams


A world of warmth, existence eased

Outside too cold, his love deceased


The moment when, he once could see

The joy this world, was meant to be


And so he weeps, and slowly creeps

Towards the end, the light recedes


A loving hand, a furrowed brow

Attentive care, don’t lose hope now


Athena speaks, her wisdom wise

This life too dark,


open your eyes

My eldest God-daughter has just reached that epochal moment in her life when she needed to make that life-defining choice of choosing her options: what she wants to be; what she wants to study; what career she wants to lead.

Sixteen is such a difficult age for anyone; such a turbulent and emotional place to be: your thoughts are so transient, your rebellious nature straining against what others want you to do and how they believe you should feel.  So at a time when Rhi, that’s as much of her name as I’ll publicly reveal, was looking for help from others – she managed to, yet again, be the one teaching me.

How many of you have been in that position; where you are advising a son, a daughter, nephew or niece of the life-path they may want to choose to follow?  How many of us have offered advice on colleges, courses, career prospects and the art of making decisions – whilst struggling to ensure the advice is “all about you” and not “all about me?”

So I am sure you can all imagine the scene as Rhi flicks through her prospectus and ‘umms’ and ‘ahhs’ followed by the fully anticipated ‘but I don’t know what I want to do!’  I am also confident that you can already predict my responses of ‘what are your interests?  What lessons did you like?  In five-years time, what do you see?’

All of those questions we all shrugged at and fumed at – as we all know, sixteen is the age where you don’t even know who you are, let alone who you would dearly like to be.

So what do we do?  We attempt to steer the young and impressionable mind down the path of least resistance or, more likely, down the path that we can foresee.  We think about things such as status, job-satisfaction, fulfilment, opportunities for progression and ultimately how much of an opportunity for ‘success’ (money) there will be.

And it is here where children always teach us a lesson.  It is here that they always make us hold up a mirror to face truths we might not like to see.  They often misquote that famous saying “out of the mouths of babes…” but it always has a profound, unnerving and frightening ring of accuracy.

Because – as I thought of all of the ultimately superficial, materialistic and practical life choices (career options) I could see – Rhi looked up with absolute conviction and humility and said ‘I’d like to help people – I think I want to be a social-worker or counsellor – someone who helps others, yes – that’s what I want to be!’  

As I challenged her decision-making, not to make her change her mind; more to ensure it was well thought out and considered – she came back time and time again with the answers that proved a Counsellor or Social-Worker is what she absolutely should be.

She spoke of her favourite subjects, the grades she had banked already, the lessons she would have to revisit, the colleges that provided her with the best options and she displayed a new-found sense of serenity.

As we spoke of the hazards, the potential for disappointment the burdens she could look forward to – she focused on the small, precious, little victories.

So at a time when the papers are full of criticism for the social services, when they ‘get it wrong’ when ‘the systems fails’, I would like to ask you all:-

Who would be a social worker? Who could devote their life, forgo earning a fortune, to tend to others needs?

I am not sure I would have that courage, that level of conviction.  And for that reason – I am so proud of