Nurture the child

Posted: January 30, 2016 in Social Commentary


They say ‘with age comes wisdom…’

In this, ‘they’ are right.

But never underestimate that inherent wisdom, born to the child.

No child judges on gender, race, form or persuasion.

All are equal in their eyes.

It is with age we learn segregation, hateful prejudice and hurl ignorant bile.

With age we form opinions, influence others in our efforts to survive.

In the eyes of our children, they see wonders to discover, joyful existence and reasons to smile.

So who should be our teachers, who are the wisest of the wise?

What a world we could live in, as taught from the perspective of the child.

So let us think clearly as we make our choices in life.  As we consider, think, decide.

They say with age comes wisdom…

Nurture the child.


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