Theme Tune to my Childhood

Posted: October 22, 2011 in Biographical
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Anyone that knows me will attest to the fact that music plays an instrumental part in my life.  Music has always seemed to be in the background for many of those defining moments; painful moments and moments of utter joy and elation.

However, it wasn’t just the chart topping album or the single that got air-time on the radio.  No – some of the most memorable songs, tunes and melodies that I recall from my childhood, were those that heralded yet another opportunity for quality time in front of the television with my family.

I am sure that many of these were also firm favourites with you, but I thought I would just share the ones that are still indelibly printed on my memory.

How many take you back?  How many can you name after hearing nothing but the first opening bar?

Timeless…  This one makes me think of Friday nights – autumn nights:

Another favourite that I would look forward to each and every week:

This one always put a lump in my throat:

This one needs no introduction:

The original will always be the best:

Every little boys dream:

Saturday afternoons lying on the living room floor:

Midweek, midday (I must have been off school ill or something):

“When they met… It was murder”:

Who didn’t want a Grand Torino?

Midweek madness and laughs:

Legendary laughs that still split my sides to this day:

Darlene and Jackie were always my favourites (and there was only one Becky in my eyes):

What an intro!

Another horns section letting rip for midday drama:

And my absolute favourite… So beautiful, so simple, so pure:

No collection would be complete without:

I would love to here about the theme tunes that make up the backdrop of your childhood.  Which do you believe should have made my list?

  1. Some great tunes here. Strangely, I don’t remember too many. “Shoestring” is the coolest (“Pink Panther” excepting, I guess). My tv years were long before good tv really kicked in, I think. Nowadays, the missus can’t stand theme tunes so, with the benefit of Skyplus, I rarely get to hear them. Except for one, that is. When we worshiped at the altar of “The Wire” we played the tune at the start of every episode. It helped build up the expectation in what had become our addiction. It’s still a great song.

  2. ajjam says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the opportunity to recall these.

    A couple of years are definitely in with mine. I actually bought the 45rpms for the themes from The Rockford Files and for Hill St Blues – both by Mike Post.

    I am slightly older than you I believe, so you are easily forgiven for not including all these.



    The Six Million Dollar Man


    Star Trek (TOS)

    The Banana Splits

    Top Cat

    The Double Deckers (end theme – couldn’t find the start theme, which is similar but not the same).

    Top of The Pops Seventies Theme (Whole Lotta Love)

    Harry O


    The Sweeney

    Multi-coloured Swap Shop

    Screen Test (Film quiz show for children)

    Secret Army

    One of the best title sequences and themes ever made: The Professionals


    Grange Hill

    • Haha – I was going to include quite a few of those, but I thought I would leave some for everyone else. I was born in 74 :).

    • Tee says:

      Oh the Banana splits, now there’s one that brings back memories!!! 😀

      Couple of mine:

      Its a Knockout (Friday nights)

      Steptoe and Son (which I still love to watch)

      Black Beauty:

      Bonanza (!) Not a favourite of mine but of my dads, so part of the soundtrack to my Saturdays too.

      Monkey Magic

      And one of my all time favourites…the Muppet Show..!

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