A Change Is Gonna Come

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Sport
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It’s been a long time coming; over 20 years in fact, but with Kenny Dalglish now firmly in place once again, as manager of Liverpool FC, I feel assuredly confident in saying a change is gonna come.

When Liverpool FC last lifted the trophy for winning the league, before the birth of the Premier League, no Red watching ever considered that we would then have to endure such a barren spell without league success; not at this, England’s most successful, ever, at the time, football club.

Yet here we are, over two decades later, hoping, some praying, that we are finally building towards something special. That we finally have in place a structure and squad that will stay the course of a championship run.

Our owners seem to have a sense of purpose; a vision of how a successful club (franchise) should be run.

Our manager has an innate understanding of what it will take to re-establish our club as title contenders, as potential number ones.

Our coaching staff and backroom staff are all accomplished in their fields, whilst being resolute in their desire to work together, as one, to deliver what every man, woman and child connected to this great club ultimately wants.

And our players, our squad, has been refreshed; revived; revised and reshaped to be a more formidable unit whether we are playing away or at home.

Liverpool FC are not the finished article, not yet, not completely. But when you look at our opponents; the other protagonists involved in this great contest, who could you say has a ‘better’ squad; a more complete squad; a more motivated squad; a more cohesive squad or a more exciting squad than the one that calls Anfield it’s home?

Who could you say is without their own challenges; their own obstacles to overcome?

So I ask you – why not? Why should this not be our opportunity to bring Liverpool FC back in from the cold?

With grudging respect, we have had to acknowledge that Manchester United have stood as giants at the top of English football for far, far, too long.

So I say to you all, on the day we wish a happy birthday to the great man who started it all – I feel confident that a change is gonna come.


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