You are the silver lining…

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Poems
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…it truly is as simple as that!

You often mention that I can always find the positive in any given situation, but that isn’t necessarily true.  It would be more accurate to say I find the positive in any situation that involves you.

You see, by focusing on you I just happen to see the ‘best’ because I see you.  I am only saying that because I like you?  Yes – a statement of fact that I make no apology for and of which I make no argument in denial; as true a statement then as it is now; as it ever will be.

I mean, why should I not see the best there is to see in you? Why should I not look past any faults or flaws to see all that is good, all that is precious, all that is pure – all that is you?

You see, seeing the best in you just happens to bring out the best in me; the best of intentions; the best of ideas; the best of all I am and could ever wish to be.

I am no saint; I, like anyone else, have my faults.  I have those days were I am more selfish than selfless; when I would rather keep my own company than spend time with others, when the first thought is of me and not of anyone else – and yet; when it comes to you, my first, second, third and final thought is always you, will always be you.

In the harshest of environments, life finds a way to endure.  I see this in you, through all your hardships you manage to ignite that inner light, that spark, that energy upon which my inspiration to find that positive is drawn.

You bring a smile, even though you suffer.  Your steely strength and determination I so admire, of it I am in such awe.

So I see that silver lining, I find that positive thought.

But it is you that makes it possible.  You.  Nothing less, nothing more.


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