Favourite Things…

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Poems, Social Commentary
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Of all the questions I struggle to answer; all the queries that make me think.

I’d have to say I always labour to say “what are my most favourite things?”

I love music, books; get lost in great films – love ice-cream & cake and have a soft spot for sweet things.

However, when pushed for a choice of what I most treasure; of what above else I most deeply adore – I always find I get stuck for an answer; as I’ll chose something I love, then remember I love something a bit more.

So I’ve created this space, this page on my blog; not somewhere for me, no it’s for you to all hog. Like a friendly warm tavern, with log fires and beer. A place for discussion, with dark booths in the rear.

The sign posted outside reads “favourite Things”, so open the door here, and let the discussions begin.

  1. Coco Rivers says:

    Let me be the first to dive in :). Like you, I have many favorite things. Of late, people keeping asking me why I decided to go into Landscaping and my response invariably is that I love nature. I realize that I have always loved natrure but was slow to acknowledge it.

    My love of trees which goes back as far as I can remember. In fact, strangley enough, I have recently uncovered a host of photographs, going back in time, where I am standing in front a tree, arms akimbo. Mexico, Texas, California, New York and there I am grinning gleefully. I am dying to see the Redwoods and plan to make it my next trip.

    Why? Because they are silent, yet speak volumes. Majestic, impervious and sculpturally riveting. I love looking at the bark of trees, their gnarled and twisted forms, the shape and sound of wind blowing through leaves moves me and I adore their height. So simple and yet so powerful 🙂

    • Coco you make me want to go and find the Weeping Willow I used to pass every day on the way to school.

      You could easily post your comment as a blog in its own – it paints a beautiful picture :).

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