Angel In A Smile

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Poems
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A very quick and simple poem for a friend…

I can’t recall how long it has been
The last time I caught a glimpse

It is the most wonderful of scenes
Something I’ve longed for ever since

The Angel that can lift my heart
Not one sent down from heaven

No the cherubim that lights the spark
Is the one that radiates from within

It forms on lips then turns to laughter
That brightens up my day

I feel it’s warmth for hours after
Effects that are never twice the same

With just a thought perhaps a whisper
a caring call to answer

From there it starts to light the flame
That fuels the raucous laughter

For those who’d like to see this sight
I do hope you’ll get your chance

For when you see that Angel in a smile
Your heart will skip and dance

And because I think we all could do
With a world filled with smiles and laughter

I’ll share the secret of the Angel in a smile
Repeat the next line faster and faster and faster

Angel in a smile…

“To my dear friend A…”

  1. cclester says:

    Mark how do I put the cool StumbleUpon and Digg things on the bottom of my blog posts?? C-C xx

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