They say that the magic has left the beautiful game, that the romance has long since departed – leaving nothing behind it but the cadaverous husk of what was once a symbiotic relationship between pitch and terrace.

As players sign ever more outrageous contracts, guaranteeing them riches beyond our wildest dreams, the common fan  looks on bewildered, as they scrimp and save to make it to match day – enduring an economic climate that not only wreaks havoc on their personal finances but drives a wedge between them and their heroes – the haves and the have-nots.

So as we see players swear allegiance to their clubs, kissing their badges in gestures of ritualistic symbolism and watch images of shirts being burned in effigy fuelled acts of vengeful retribution – I wonder.

If the magic has gone – if the love and romance that can bring a grown man to tears of joy and make a heart skip and miss a beat has truly left us – what pray tell occurred today at Anfield – when almost 40,000 people demonstrated that the flames of love, of romance, for some – burn eternal?

For the cynics and sceptics, for those who would deride the fickle nature of fans and for those who perhaps are new to the game – if you are still harbouring any doubts that the romance of the game still exists, that it’s heart is still beating full and strong – just cast your minds back to the magical, the wonderful and heart-warming moment when the Kop broke out, in one voice, and led a rousing rendition of happy birthday to the man that reminds us all that this is still the most beautiful of games and that at Liverpool Football Club  – when it comes to the relationship between supporters, the common fan, and one Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish – the romance does not just linger, it is one of fairytale.

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