What Price Charity?

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Poems
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What Price Charity?

This was a poem that the 2004 Tsunami in Asia inspired me to write… I still wonder whether or not I will ever have the courage to do enough for the developing world.


Did I do enough to help you?
Did I truly help to ease your pain?
The terrified child staring out through orbs so wide.
Taking in all that was laid bare by that dreadful sight.

A generation wiped out in an instant.
Ten thousand orphans overnight.
Can I possibly do enough to help you?
Does a donation in the box remove your plight?

They say it will buy one hundred inoculations.
Why does that not make me feel more secure?
Did I truly pay enough attention?
Where was I through all you’ve had to endure?

I blithely make my way through each day.
Whilst you may not make it through the next night.
I take for granted all of my comforts.
Do I really have my priorities set right?

You don’t need my token gestures.
You require more substantial deeds.
You need the efforts of the world to be collective.
But are we all too caught up in our greed?


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